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I'm Meg, or Clothemod is my styling alias, and I am OBSESSED with clothes.


I created Clothemod because I was seeing fast fashion 'hauls' trending across social media, and my friends spending so much money on fast fashion.

30% of unwanted clothing currently goes to landfill. So Clothemod's mission is to reduce this and bring this unwanted clothing to other people who will love it!


I am on a mission to reduce the UK's overindulgence in fast fashion by sending personally styled outfits to doorsteps, all using second hand clothing and accessories!


I am your lil style fairy who sources second hand clothing and accessories that suits your own individual style aesthetic, size and fit.


The essential element of my mission is to facilitate a circular lifecycle for every piece of clothing used. 

Clothemod aims to reduce waste by elongating each items lifespan by promoting the habit of re-wearing and sharing. This ethos enables Clothemod to supply whilst continuing to align with its no-waste beliefs.


Clothemod enables customers to shop sustainably by supplying unique, affordable, well-styled, second hand clothing fit for both genders in all shapes and sizes across the UK.

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