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Sustainable Fashion Stylist

Clothemod’s Talks

Clothemod Talks 

Keeping the conversations active about sustainable fashion is so important and with so many questions about how to style and shop sustainably; Meg (Clothemod) hopes to answer these! 

Clothemod invites you join a chill, intimate conversation in a cool vintage store; Rhubarb Jumble on North Street. Meet likeminded people as you discuss each months topic alongside Meg and special guests. There’s also no pressure to join if you would like to just absorb the info. You can also shop the vintage collections at Rhubarb Jumble during the evening too!

What to expect…

  • Chill conversation hosted by Meg (Clothemod) with special guests

  • Gain knowledge on topics about sustainable fashion

  • Meet likeminded people who are also interested in fashion

  • After hours shopping at Rhubard Jumble during the evening

  • Pick Clothemod’s brains about sustainable fashion; from where to shop, to how to spot designer pieces

  • A safe space to share your experiences and ask any questions no matter how small or silly (the sillier the better!)

  • All ages, genders and sizes welcome!​

Wed 7th Feb

Topic: fall in love with your fashion style

This Valentine’s Day, go on a date with your unique style journey

With Meg, Owner & Fashion Stylist

of Clothemod

Upcoming Talk!

Tickets are free so RSVP! 

Tickets are free so RSVP! 

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