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Sustainable Fashion Stylist

  • Can I buy the clothing in my style capsule?
    Yes you can! Meg, ie Clothemod, will send you a payment link.
  • What will I receive in my Style Capsule?
    All of the content of your style capsule will be second hand clothing and accessories, which is all hand selected by Clothemod from local charity shops.
  • How long does it take for my style capsule to be delivered after ordering?
    Please allow up to two weeks for your first style capsule to arrive (usually it is much quicker). This is to allow time for your style to be analysed and sourced, and then shipped to you.
  • How do I update my style info?
    Let Meg know before or during your consultation and she will send you a style questionnaire. Fill this out, and voila!
  • Are shoes included in my Style Capsule?
    No, unfortunately not currently. Second hand shoes can come with issues with wear and tear - some dissintergrate! So, for now, shoes are not included.
  • Can I change my size preferences for my style capsule?
    Yes of course! You can speak with Meg about this or simply fill out the style questionnaire and update your size.
  • Can I cancel my subscription?
    You can cancel your subscription at any time. Please return your style capsule before the end of your monthly subscription, or you will be charged for the clothing you do not return.


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