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Sustainable Fashion Stylist

Meg, ie. Clothemod, is a fashion free spirit and considers clothing as a form of expression. She is on a mission to support individuals as they find their way of expressing themselves through clothing. 


She has been immersed in fashion the majority of her life, surrounded by her mum and Nan who would sew her fancy dress costumes, and she would regularly dress up in her great grandmothers excessive collection of jewellery! Meg then went on to study fashion design prior to her degree, continuing on to graduate with a BA (Hons) Degree in Fashion Media & Marketing with the dream of running her own business in fashion.

From then, she has been on committed to carving a new attitude towards style by curating unique outfits using only secondhand clothing. With the attitude that anyone can wear anything, and breaking down the fashion rules that have confined us for so many decades, Meg has utilised her skills to build a fashion styling business.


Now working as Clothemod, Meg hosts styling events called ‘Lock-ins’ which provide a safe space for individuals to explore their style in a group setting. She also offers one-to-one styling sessions for those who are looking for a more personal experience.


As well as in-person styling sessions, Clothemod offers remote styling services and consultations across the UK, in the form of ‘Style Capsules’

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