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Sustainable Fashion Stylist

Sustainable Fashion Stylist


Sustainable Fashion Stylist

One-to-one Personal Styling

  • One-to-one personal styling at stores of your choice (thrift, slow fashion or charity shops)

What to expect…

  • Pick Clothemod’s brains about sustainable fashion; from where to shop, to how to spot designer pieces

  • Fill out a questionnaire about your style and your dream wardrobe (this will be emailed to you upon booking)

  • Start the experience with a complimentary drink in a cafe nearby whilst you and Clothemod discuss your personal style 

  • Shop alongside Clothemod as she selects clothing for you that will suit and accentuate your personal style 

But not with Clothemod's



Looking to jazz up your wardrobe, but keen to keep it conscious? Bristol based stylist, Meg aka Clothemod, specialises in styling sustainably and can help curate and nurture your personal style. Switching to a more sustainable wardrobe can feel daunting. Charity shops and thrift stores can be overwhelming.

Finding your size is sometimes mission impossible…

Shop alongside Clothemod for a personal styling experience!

One-to-One Styling 

2.5 hours


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