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Style Capsule

If you're looking to explore your style, a Clothemod style capsule is perfect!


Curated especially for you to suit your style, and also your style dreams, the style capsule includes:

- One outfit  

- Accessories 

- Style consultation with Sustainable Fashion Stylist, Clothemod


Curated using secondhand clothing, the style parcel aims to allow you a way to explore style without having to trawl through charity shops or vintage stores.


Each style capsule contains an outfit (its like a gift - unknown until received!) that is delivered to your doorstep. You are then free to try on, wear and experiment alongside your own wardrobe for a month. After a month of wearing and exploring that style parcel, you can choose to keep any part of the style capsule (clothing ranges up to £50) or you can return to clothemod at no extra cost. 


Subscriptions are perfect if you are really looking to experiment with style; each month is curated to suit your style journey! Included every month is a consultation with Clothemod to discuss your style dreams, and she will tailor each outfit to help you achieve them!

Style Capsule

Price Options
One-time purchase
£55.00every month until canceled
  • All garms included in style capsules are hand picked by Clothemod from secondhand sources. Clothemod has a collaboration with local Bristol charity shop; Brandon Trust, which supports adults with disabilities live independently. 

    When a piece of clothing is sold from a style capsule, the sale price goes straight to the charity. 

Sustainable Fashion Stylist

Style Capsules

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